2010 to 2012: I was a councillor-at-large with the Ontario Library and Information Technology Association (OLITA). I helped to organize the yearly Digital Odyssey conference, developing new themes such as Liberation Technology, Going Mobile and Ebook (Revolution). I also was involved in creating the Tech Lending Library, to provide libraries across Ontario with an opportunity to explore new technologies.

2011: I co-organized and hosted TEDxLibrarians, the very first TEDx event specifically for librarians and information professionals, around the theme Librarians as Thought Leaders. The event received coverage in Boing Boing, the New York Times, Poets & Writers and various professional websites.

I was challenged, thrilled, annoyed, confused, and transformed. Exactly what you want a good conference to do. … we should start thinking about doing this again. It was too much fun and too important. – Mike Ridley, CIO and Chief Librarian, University of Guelph.

2012 to 2015: I worked with performance artist and cultural engineer Genesis Breyer P-Orridge on Thee One True TOPI Tribe, a project with the goal of creating communities and collectives organized around creativity, pandrogeny and generosity. I served as their assistant during their residency at the MoMA PS1 Summer School in 2012, also creating and editing the first issue of the project’s online journal Coum-Unity, featuring articles by Klint Finley, Vinay Gupta and Steven Johnson Leyba.

COUM-UNITY MAGAZINE: A serious manifestation of the movement towards a genuine autonomous coumunity dedicated to experimental social units of the future. – Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.

2016: I am the founder and lead instructor at Code X Art. Our mission is to combine art and technology to create positive social impact through education, community engagement, and public programs. We believe that combining technology and arts-based learning sparks creativity, collaboration, emotional intelligence and innovation. We focus on using free, open source tools that are available to everyone and can adapt to participant’s level of interest and experience.